24 February 2010

MovieQuiz 647 (closed)

Anyone can join!

If you think you know from which movie these movie screenshots were taken, please send in your answer by using the form below, mention the title of the movie and maybe you will make it into our Hall of Fame!

Another multi-stage quiz; this one comes in 2 different parts. More published clues means less Hall of Fame points to collect. The screenshots were taken from the original, unrestored version of the movie but I also added some comparison screenshots about the restoration process.

part #1 for 50 points:

part #2 for 25 points:

all clues have now been published

Submitted guesses:
  • The Young Lions (1958)
  • The Longest Day (1962)
  • Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956)
Correct answer submitted by:

50 points:
  • HerrieM
  • GeorgeX
  • Pasco Meisner
  • Guinness
  • Condor9000
  • Aldan_Blue
  • Nobby UK
  • I am Jack's username
  • Czesio
  • ChristopherM
  • Zapotka
  • Al Henson
  • SuperEdy
25 points:
  • Chuck
  • Raya
  • jelly@felly
  • Titinho
  • Birdy
  • Emily McC
  • Xtopave
  • Major T.J. King Kong
  • Rutledal
  • ramios.bites
  • Mjsps
  • Ariel
  • Pat Bateman
  • Mr_London

MovieQuiz #647 is now closed;
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