01 February 2010

MovieQuiz Survey 2012

I'm both thrilled and grateful so many of you took the time and the trouble to take part in our recent survey of which the results are presented below. Because so many respondents took part, the results do represent the opinion of most of our quizzers. Therefore your expressed opinions as well as your suggestions will be of significant influence to the nearby future of the MovieQuiz blog. Thanks everybody for sharing your opinion!


  • 41 quizzers took part in the survey
  • Vagebond: the amount of participants is awesome


  • 27 male
  • 14 female
  • Vagebond: this outcome is a bit of a surprise to me, somehow I was under the impression it was about 50/50%. Conclusion: we need more 'women of the opposite sex' ;) to join. Not because I'm single but to obtain a better balance. So please ask your sister, niece, female co-worker, neighbour or that nice lady salesperson in your local dvd shop to join.


  • 3 <20 years old
  • 16 20-35 years old
  • 12 36-50 years old
  • 10 51-65 years old
  • Vagebond: this wide spread in ages makes it extra hard to decide which movies qualify for the label 'well known'; we can't expect all younger quizzers to actually have watched - or even to have heard about - movies most older quizzers consider as being classics.

Visiting frequency:

  • Most (95%) quizzers visit the blog between 'multiple times a week' and '(almost) daily'
  • Only a few come by once a week or in a highly irregular interval
  • Vagebond: your visiting frequency is very high. Of course I like that very much and it may also lead to closing older quizzes earlier and publish more new quizzes weekly - like we're currently doing already.

Difficulty level Regular 25 points quizzes :

  • 24 challenging but solvable
  • 13 very hard but solvable if I do my very best
  • 2 intermediate
  • 2 extremely hard/almost impossible to solve
  • Vagebond: it's clear that most of you think that the regular quizzes have an appropiate difficulty level to provide a bit of a challenge.

Difficulty level Special (200/1875/100 points) quizzes:

  • 4 too difficult
  • 20 very hard
  • 16 challenging but solvable
  • 1 easy
  • Vagebond: most of you find the specials quite hard and/or quite time consuming. I agree about the difficulty level: they're okay and don't need to become any harder than they are now. About they're being time consuming: yes, some are and therefore you are very well rewarded for solving 'm. My recent MovieQuiz#2000 for example can be solved by literally everybody because I've pointed out the location where to find the answers; all you have to do is to put some time in it. In case you don't have that time available or don't like these specials: please skip 'm and concentrate on the quizzes you do like. Solving should be fun!

Like new 10-point quizzes:

  • 2 don't like 'm and won't solve 'm
  • 2 don't like but try to solve a few anyway
  • 37 like 'm and/or want more of 'm
  • Vagebond: you obviously want more so I'll create more of 'm.

Difficulty level new 10-point quizzes

  • 20 easy
  • 21 challenging but solvable
  • Vagebond: your 20 times 'easy' will result in me designing a few that will offer a little bit more of a challenge...

Created a MovieQuiz yourself:

  • 11 No, but thinking about creating one
  • Vagebond: Eleven (!) quizzers say they are thinking about creating their first MovieQuiz themselves: this is absolutely great news! 'Please do' I say: just give it a try. And in case you like some assistance please don't hesitate to contact me or your favorite quiz creator.

Importance of the Halls of Fame:

  • 22 yes and like to compete
  • 14 not really but do keep an eye at them
  • 3 not at all
  • 1 the most important thing to me is to participate in this blog.
  • I'm much more interested in the shots themselves and being able to pick out movies I've seen.
  • Vagebond: since most of you do like the Hall(s) of Fame I will keep updating them often.
Using INDEX-page:
  • 14 often
  • 19 sometimes
  • 8 never
  • Vagebond: this is highly informative; somehow I was under the impression most of you never use - or look at - the index page at all and I was already thinking about not continuing it. Now I know you are actually using it I will of course continue it and make sure it's being updated regularly.

Solving alone or together with anyone else:

  • 35 alone
  • 1 alone but with occasional help
  • 4 together with friend/partner/family
  • 1 asks around using internet for private e-mails and messages
  • Vagebond: solving quizzes seems to be a solitary game to most of us. Well, so is maintaining the blog and creating quizzes. ;)

Preferred solving time of a MovieQuiz:

  • 2 within seconds
  • 11 a few minutes
  • 15 5-15 minutes
  • 6 15-30 minutes
  • 4 30-60 minutes
  • 1 mix of the above
  • 1 prefers an hour or even a few hours
  • 1 solving time is unimportant to me
  • Vagebond: most (25) of you like quizzes that can be solved between a few minutes and fifteen minutes; some (11) like to spend a bit longer in finding the final answer. This is something all quiz creators should keep in mind whilst designing a quiz.

Preferred quizzes based at solving technique:

  • 26 prefer a mix
  • 13 picking your brain for actors/actresses/scenes/10-pointers
  • 1 image search by TinEye/Google Image Search
  • 1 searching by keyword at IMDb
  • Vagebond: it's obvious you're not too keen about quizzes that only require searching for keywords and/or images. Not very surprisingly most of you prefer a mix. Thirteen quizzers like picking their brains in recognizing actors/actresses/scenes. It's something all quiz creators should keep in mind.

Preferred quiz creators:

  • 25 no preference/never noticing the creator/no answer
  • 10 Aldan_Blue
  • 9 Czesio/Vagebond/jelly@felly
  • 5 Guinness/Zapotka
  • 3 HerrieM
  • 1 Benjani
  • 1 Birdy
  • 1 Catwoman
  • 1 DragonDave
  • 1 GeorgeX
  • 1 Pasco Meisner
  • Vagebond: 55% of you don't care - or even notice - who has created a quiz. And, not very suprisingly, the most productive quiz creators have been mentioned most - but it's great their work is being appreciated by so many quizzers.

Suggested improvements:

  • better quality in some of the screenshots sent by some quiz creators (especially I don't like captures that are too small)
  • Vagebond: in general we all like the overall picture quality to be as good as possible. However: we also like an occasional quiz about a rare movie. Therefore some of our quiz creators are using old, battered VHS-videotapes or low quality dvd's to come up with some special screenshots and I like to encourage them to keep up that good work since in those cases it's not the picture quality that's most important.

  • I'd like to see those quizzes in which you had several film posters; you were supposed to find out the title of the films and, by ordering them, guess the title of a movie
  • Vagebond: yes personally I'd love to offer those kind of quizzes again, but the fact is that image search tools like TinEye will find almost every movie poster within seconds. So unless anyone has an idea about how to use movie posters again for a quiz I'm afraid we cannot use that format anymore. Sad but true.
  • I like to see more "soundtrack-oriented" quizzes in the future.
  • Vagebond: yes that would make a very nice change. Any volunteers (musicalsguru perhaps?) to create such quizzes? Please contact me beforehand.

  • I'd like a quiz about connections - for example with stills of actors - and we have to guess which movie they share. Or stills where the face of the actor is hidden behind a question mark and we have to guess the name of the actor.
  • Vagebond: yes, these are great suggestions and deserve an experimental quiz. Volunteers, anyone? If so: please contact me. In case not I'm gonna give it a try myself somewhere in the nearby future.

  • Quizzes without either plot or keywords at IMDb (like MovieQuiz 1988, for instance) should not be allowed. There are hundreds of places where photographic memory is rewarded, but those quizzes are only interesting if you actually have watched that movie. One of the best parts of this MovieQuiz blog is that every quiz can be solved by everybody: all you need are some 'detective skills'.
  • Vagebond: In general I agree: most quizzes should be solvable by most of our quizzers and not exclusively by the happy few who have actually watched the movie. Regarding MQ#1988: an occasional exception can sometimes be made. Keywords may not have been available, but the quiz itself provided enough clues to have a fair chance at solving it; thirteen correct solutions proved exactly that. And/or the extraordinary skills of these quizzers! ;-)

  • I love your movie quizzes, I just feel bad that I don't know any of the horror/scary/bloody movies... (um, that's not slang, I meant movies with blood in them). ;-)
  • Vagebond: it is true that many of our quiz creators seem to have at least some preference for the category of movies you mentioned. Ideally I'd like to publish a wide range of movie categories. So it's something that all quiz creators should keep in mind, including the eleven who are currently at the treshold of creating their very first quiz.

  • I l-o-v-e the family/popular/mainstream movies (well, mostly because I know them). I know that's not everyone's cup of tea, and that most serious quizzers would like the challenge of having to search for the solution. I just get a thrill when I actually know/recognize a movie quiz!
  • Vagebond: personally I wouldn't mind more well known/popular/family/mainstream movies too. Yes of course it's a thrill to be able to recognize a movie within seconds sometimes, I fully agree. On the other hand: the blog would become pretty boring very fast if most quizzes would be that easy; therefore most quizzers have stated they like to spend at least a few - and up to fifteen - minutes in solving a quiz. Finally: I found out (the hard way) that it's rather tricky to guess which movies can be considered 'well known'.

  • Somehow make it easier to find quizzes I'm looking for (the index is not very helpful).
  • Vagebond: you're right: the index does not provide movie titles (the solutions) of closed quizzes. There's a reason for that choice: some people still like to puzzle at - or solve - older, already closed episodes of MovieQuiz. Therefore, to accomodate these die hards, even in the closed, regular episodes the answer deliberately isn't mentioned at the quizpage, only a link to the solution (a page at IMDb or moviescreenshots.blogspot.com) is provided. So I'm sorry but we won't add the movie titles to the closed quizzes at the index page. Suggestion: some quizzers have created their own private database (or spreadsheet) of the contents of all closed quizzes; maybe that's something for you to consider too.

  • Different forms that don't report "Incorrect form submission, use POST" the first time I try to submit. The "MovieQuiz number:" already filled in.
  • Vagebond: for "already filled in quiz numbers" only your browser settings (auto-form; auto fill-in, auto-complete etcetera) are to blame, we can't blame Freedback for that. About the Freedback forms (used to submit your answers) in general: yes I'm aware they're all but perfect. Specifically because it happens too often they report some error message back to you, giving you the impression your answer isn't submitted. So you submit it again. And again. That really blows, especially since in most cases all your submitted answers do reach me in good order, despite the error message that Freedback reported back to you. My suggestion: submit your answer only once and just wait for the next day to see if your name (or guess) has appeared at the quiz page. If not you can submit your answer again that next day. Unless you're all willing to pay an annual MovieQuiz fee I have to stick with the free services of Freedback.

  • In case the movie is a not-well-known-movie (less than 5000 votes at IMDB, for example), it must be so remarked or at least be rewarded with more extra points. But It's a very cool blog!
  • Vagebond: thanks for the 'very cool blog' qualification. It's proudly accepted! I have to do some more thinking about your suggestion though. A less well known movie doesn't have to automatically implicate the quiz will be harder to solve. The 5000 vote underline surely would provide some valuable information here, but the overall difficulty level is built on many elements like the visibility of well known actors, objects (cars, motorcycles, pinball machines, dogs, wine, soup, wristwatches, pirates, lesbians, helicopters, religious themes and many more like the examples mentioned at the bottom of this page), traceable keywords and other details. Like I said: I need more time to think this suggestion over and I will, but for now I'd like quiz creators, especially when it comes to obscure movies, to add enough clues so the quiz can be solved. Generally speaking: the more obscure a movie is, the more clues a quiz needs. I'd appreciate the opinion of other quizzers here: the chatpage (you're allowed to post anonymously if you like) is wide open for all your thoughts regarding this matter - as well as all other matters.
  • I like quizzes that involve brain work like the 10-pointers as opposed to the time consuming ones like the multi-part special quizzes. Even if they appear easy and solvable, I feel bored after a while - they don't seem to engage my brain when I am solving.
  • Vagebond: to bore quizzers is something we very hard try to avoid. I've already received many positive reactions regarding these different formats of quizzes that involve 'brain work' and/or 'out of the box thinking'. Since many of you seem to like such brain teasing formats *and* because I like it a lot to create them, you may expect a lot more of those in the nearby future.

  • This MovieQuiz blog is – and should be – an oasis that everyone can enjoy at any time. I like it exactly as it is. Please don't make too much rules.
  • Vagebond: Thanks for the 'oasis' qualification! When it comes to playing a game, any game at all, we cannot avoid to have some rules we're all bound by, otherwise it would be a complete anarchy. I agree it has it's pros and cons, but quiz creators as well as quiz solvers really do need some rules we all have to follow. I try to keep the amount of rules to an absolute minimum and to grant everyone as much personal freedom as possible, but you see: quizzers are almost like real people ;-) and are sometimes very *cough* 'creative' in finding mysterious or even wicked ways to come up with the correct solution. Some of those ways are not exactly in the spirit of 'fair play' therefore some rules cannot be avoided.

  • Quiz creators: please make sure the screenshots are in the film's correct aspect ratio or, in case they're not (when taken from pan & scan dvd's for example), please mention it. This information can be surprisingly useful in helping to narrow things down in the search for the correct solution.
  • Vagebond: yes, please do.
  • Also: sometimes the captures are skewed because of incorrect settings on the capture software (like anamorphic DVDs that are not stretched into the 16:9 ratio). I'd like you to fix that before publishing a quiz or ask the quiz creator to fix or retake them.
  • Vagebond: I expect the quiz creators to deal with that before submitting a quiz. So please do otherwise your quiz may be rejected.

  • It would be cool to see *all* open quizzes in the 'previous posts' section.
  • Vagebond: yes it would, I totally agree! Too bad Blogger doesn't allow me to adjust that section of the template.
  • I would recommend turning the 'Archives' list into a drop-down box. It just makes any page it appears on way too long.
  • Vagebond: that ugly, long list of 'archives' only is visible at the entrypage moviequiz.blogspot.com and not at the quiz pages itself. I know the entry page always shows the most recent quiz (together with all archives), but in case you're bothered by that list of archives I suggest you immediately visit the actual last quiz page by clicking at the top entry in the 'previous posts' section. Having said that: today I've changed the list of daily archives into a list of monthly archives; this has significantly shortened that list. Your suggested drop-down box is not available in the (old) Blogger template I'm currently using so this is the best I could do.

I thank everybody for sharing all thoughts, comments and suggestions. I can assure you they are taken most seriously and you may expect to see them reflected in the nearby future of the MovieQuiz blog. Please use the chatpage (even anonymously if you prefer) in case you like to react at some of the above statements. You may of course send me an e-mail instead, but please don't expect me to discuss all mentioned points with all 41 of you seperately.

Happy MovieQuizzing!