24 December 2010

MovieQuiz 1212 (closed)



Santa's not getting any younger and nowadays he gets a bit confused sometimes. Last night, on his way to the chimney of our MovieQuiz HQ, the ten boxes with presents he was carrying slipped out of his (c)old, trembly hands and fell into the snow. Santa was unharmed but all ten boxes with presents bursted open and the items from inside the boxes were spilled onto the snow. Santa counted the items in the snow and was relieved none of them got lost and all 68 items were spread out around him. Then Santa got confused. He knew that one box originally contained eleven items, that another box was carrying nine items and that all other boxes originally had six items stored inside. But which item belonged to which box? Santa couldn't recall. Perhaps you can help Santa by returning the 68 items to their 10 original boxes?

This episode of MovieQuiz is based on quizzes created by
Czesio, HerrieM and jelly@felly

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  • Jack da Bomb
  • HerrieM
  • Birdy
  • Cinefilita
  • Babayaga
  • Benjani
  • Pjsps8
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  • Lara Croft
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  • Mjsps

Solving this episode of MovieQuiz is a lot easier than you might think at first - possibly overwhelming - glance. Your task, should you chose to accept it, is to establish ten movie titles. And immediately after that an eleventh, which would be the answer we're looking for in this episode of MovieQuiz. The 68 screenshots above are placed in random order; their filenames are randomly chosen as well. The different sizes of the captures could be significant though.

Step 1:
Try to establish the ten titles of the movies these screenshots were taken from. As always: ignore prefixes like 'The' and 'A'.

Step 2:
Put the ten movie titles in order of release year: the oldest movie on top and the most recent movie at the bottom. Number the movies in your now chronological list from 01 to 10. As always: use imdb.com as the source for data like movie titles and release years.

Step 3:
  • movie 01: use the 7th letter
  • movie 02: use the 14th letter
  • movie 03: use the 8th letter
  • movie 04: use the 8th letter
  • movie 05: use the 7th letter
  • movie 06: use the 5th letter
  • movie 07: use the 3rd letter
  • movie 08: use the 6th letter
  • movie 09: use the 8th letter
  • movie 10: use the 4th letter
Step 4:
Put the ten letters in the correct order to find the movie title we're looking for. Send in the answer by using the form below.

Step 5:
Have fun and: Merry Christmas everybody!

The solution:
  • 01 1974 Black Christmas
  • 02 1983 Christmas Story, A
  • 03 1990 Home Alone
  • 04 1992 Home Alone 2
  • 05 1997 Home Alone 3
  • 06 2002 Home Alone 4
  • 07 2003 Bad Santa
  • 08 2007 Fred Claus
  • 09 2008 Four Christmases
  • 10 2009 Christmas Carol, A

This episode of MovieQuiz is now closed;
the answer and more screenshots are available here.

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