30 January 2011

MovieQuiz 1298 (closed)

Anyone can join!

This is a special episode of MovieQuiz. It is built around 40 'screenshots' which will be published in 5 parts, each containing 8 pictures. You're probably familiar with the drill: more published clues mean less Hall of Fame points to collect. So far not that special - no argument here.

The special part of this quiz lies in the fact that only a few of the 40 pictures are actual screenshots of the movie you're looking for. All the other pictures are screenshots I took from a featurette/behind the scenes documentary which I found very interesting, including a few storyboard drawings. A lot of pieces of art will be shown in this quiz: drawings, paintings, objects and photos. At first glance this may be a little bit confusing, but pretty soon you'll discover that all the clues – and trust me: every part is loaded with clues - are leading to only one inevitable conclusion: the title of the movie.

The best way to handle part one (worth a whopping 200 points) is to look at the 8 pictures, to perform some image searches, to let your mind do some free association and to Google some thoughts that may pop-up in your mind. As soon as part 2 (150 points to collect) is published, the quiz can be solved by the happy few who understand how to combine the by then available 16 clues into the one and only correct assumption. In part 3, 4 and 5 many more clues will be presented and in the end most quizzers should be able to solve this out of the ordinary quiz.

If you have watched the dvd of this movie including the bonus features then Bob's your Uncle and you can grab an easy 200 points right away. For all other players: I hope you will find this special quiz to be a nice challenge and that you will have as much fun solving it as I had creating it. Good luck!

part [1/5] for 200 points:
a fortune teller

a crystal ball

a significant 'tree'

a Pope; if you can find out wich Pope is visible
in this drawing and learn a little about his work
then you've found another important clue

part [2/5] for 175 points:
Michel Nostradamus

detail of an ancient MIRROR

he's holding a MIRROR in his left hand

three candles in front of a MIRROR

she's holding and looking into a MIRROR

detail of an ancient MIRROR

the man is looking into a MIRROR

part [3/5] for 150 points:
the female subject frightening these four people
will be shown in the next part [4/5] of this quiz

an actual screenshot from
the movie in this quiz
(the photo also has significant symbolic value)

(eyes as in "the MIRRORS of the soul")

the bride is looking into a MIRROR

another bride will appear in

the next part [4/5] of this quiz

original artwork/storyboard drawings
from the movie in this quiz
please note that a cellphone is being used
which - as mentioned in the HTSaMQ Manual -
indicates the possible decade/era of this movie

an ancient copper MIRROR

the ripped-off head is held in front of a MIRROR

original artwork/storyboard drawing
from the movie in this quiz

part [4/5] for 100 points:
the angel is holding a MIRROR

Narcissus, in love with his own refelection/MIRRORed image

a collection of ancient MIRRORS

...looking to his own refelction/MIRRORed image

...looking to his own refelction/MIRRORed image

a bride in front of a MIRROR

Bloody Mary, according to the legend appearing in a MIRROR

part [5/5] for 50 points:
woman in front of a set of MIRRORS

Narcissus, in love with his own refelection/MIRRORed image

building with MIRRORS as windows

a writer sitting next to a MIRROR

Narcissus, in love with his own refelection/MIRRORed image

original artwork/storyboard drawing from the movie

still from the make-up department in
the behind-the-scenes documentary

This special episode of MovieQuiz is created by Vagebond

Because this quiz turns out to be much more difficult to solve than I expected *and* because I really do appreciate many of you keep trying to find the correct answer and keep submitting guesses, I've upgraded the value of some of the quiz parts: part [3/5] now has a value of 150 points, part [4/5] will have a value of 100 points and part [5/5] will be worth 50 points.

Extra clue:
  • Try to find out what many of the clues have in common
Submitted guesses:
  • The Cell (2000) [submitted by 2 quizzers]
  • The Da Vinci Code (2006)
  • The Fall (2006)
  • The Fountain (2006)
  • Die Päpstin / Pope Joan (2009)
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  • Nostradamus (1994) [submitted by 2 quizzers]
  • The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (1981) [submitted by 2 quizzers]
  • 2012 (2009)
  • Rupan sansei: Kutabare! Nastradamus (1995)
  • The 13th Day (2009)
  • End of Days (1999)
  • The Dead Zone (1983)
  • Knowing (2009)
  • The Name of the Rose / Der Name der Rose (1986)
  • The Prophecy (1995)
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  • Restoration (1995)
  • The Agony and The Ecstasy (1965)
  • Urbania (2000) [submitted by 3 quizzers]
  • Rosemary's Baby (1968)
  • Carvaggio (1986)
  • Snowboarder (2003)
  • Angels & Demons (2009)
  • Que la fête commence... / Let Joy Reign Supreme (1975)
  • Revelation (2001)
  • Via Appia (1989)
  • Legion (2010)
  • Caligula / Caligola (1979)
  • Clash of the Titans (2010)
  • Amarcord (1973)
  • 1999 / Girls & Boys (1989)
  • The Celestine Prophecy (2006)
  • Magnolia (1999)
  • Original Sin (2001)
  • Deep Red / Profondo Rosso (1975)
  • The Omen (2006)
  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)
  • Big Fish (2003)
  • The Gift (2000)
  • Orphan (2009)
  • Silent Hill (2006)
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
  • Premonition (2007)
  • Jiu Ming / Gau Ming / Koma (2004)
  • The Mothman Prophecies (2002)
  • The Descent (2005)
  • Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)
Correct answer submitted by:

150 points:
  • Birdy
  • Aidajesus
  • Babayaga
100 points:
  • Emily McC
  • kirgali
  • arroas
  • Cinefilita
  • Benjani
50 points:
  • rosabella
  • lara croft
  • Aldan_Blue

This episode of MovieQuiz is now closed;
to understand the full significance of all the clues please watch the documentary
"Reflections: The Making of Mirrors - Shockumentary" at the dvd.
Highly recommended!

The answer and more screenshots are available here.

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