24 September 2011

MovieQuiz 1691 (closed)

jelly@felly has created a set of 8 very special quizzes to thank everybody for all the support he received during the disasters in Japan. As a hobby, jelly@felly creates his own dvd covers for movies he has purchased for his collection. Some of these home made dvd covers are now for the very first time being shown to the world and are being used to create a set of quizzes. Some of the covers may contain promotional stills or images that do not appear in the movie. To make them suitable for a quiz the covers had to be edited; the complete, original covers will be published after the quiz has been closed. The complete set of quizzes contains 49 different dvd covers, divided over 7 quizzes and a Bonus Quiz. Your mission is to find the correct movie titles matching the dvd covers.
The quizzes will be published in two steps: the first 4 quizzes are being published today, tomorrow the other 3 quizzes and the Bonus Quiz will be published.

You have to make a choice between two options:
1. To solve (some of the) 7 stand alone quizzes for 30 points each (210 points max)
2. To solve only the Bonus Quiz, worth 250 points.
Submitting an answer to a stand alone quiz automatically disqualifies you for the Bonus Quiz - so please choose wisely…

movie C-1:

movie C-2:

movie C-3:

movie C-4:

movie C-5:

movie C-6:

movie C-7:

This episode of MovieQuiz is created by jelly@felly

Correct answer submitted by:
  • unmirall

To solve this quiz:
- find the titles of the seven movies shown above
- write down their URL's at imdb.com and use them as follows:
  • movie C-1: the SEVENTH digit
  • movie C-2: the FOURTH digit
  • movie C-3: the FIFTH digit
  • movie C-4: the THIRD digit
  • movie C-5: the SEVENTH digit
  • movie C-6: the THIRD digit
  • movie C-7: the FOURTH digit
Substitute the 7 digits into http://www.imdb.com/title/tt???????/ to find the final solution to this special episode of MovieQuiz.

This episode of MovieQuiz is now closed.
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