30 October 2011

MovieQuiz 1744 (closed)

Anyone can join!

Can you tell from which movie these screenshots and production stills were taken? Please send in your answer by using the form below and maybe you will make it into our Hall of Fame!

This episode of MovieQuiz is created by Vagebond

Submitted guesses:
  • Kanada - Im Land der schwarzen Bären (1958)
  • Notes sur les lumières (2001)
  • Claire Dolan (1998)
  • Double Trouble (1992)
  • Caged Women in Purgatory - Le Prede Umane (1992)
  • My Father's Will (2009)
  • Rakka no mai zenpen (1925)
  • Haunted Hills (1924)
Correct answer submitted by:
  • Aldan_Blue
  • jelly@felly
  • Czesio
  • lara croft
  • zapotka
  • rosabella
  • Dragondave
  • ILoveYouPeople
  • guinness
  • Raya
  • Lutek63
  • birdy
  • babayaga
  • Don Octavio
  • Noodles
  • Enderis
  • Urbanior
  • HerrieM
  • aidajesus
  • Vido

How to solve:
  1. put these seven pictures in chronological order (oldest movie on top, most recent movie at the bottom)
  2. get sad by observing how a beautiful woman destroyed her gorgeous face by having done surgery
  3. substitute the numbers shown in the upper left corner in the order top to bottom into http://www.imdb.com/title/tt???????/ to find the title of another movie
Solution (chronological) :

This episode of MovieQuiz is now closed;
the answer is available here.

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