12 April 2012

MovieQuiz 2142 (closed)

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Because of the controversial subject of this particular scene, it is with some hesitation that I'm publishing this quiz. The scene is unmistakingly about a sexual encounter between an adult female and an underaged boy. I assume it's needless to say I do not approve of sexual encounters between adults and children. As I do not aprove of torturing, raping or killing people - to name a few crimes. Still such scenes are part of many movies and we're publishing such screenshots all the time - because we know it's not real: it's make believe, it's a movie. After giving it a lot of thought I decided to post the following screenshots, mainly because the movie isn't bad at all and sometimes really funny. Also it has been to significant importance to the black community and both the director as some cast members are very well known. So all 'n all there seem to be more reasons to publish this quiz than to withold it from you. Nevertheless: in case you're offended by the screenshots below, please skip this episode and just focus at another quiz.

This episode of MovieQuiz is created by Vagebond

  • to avoid being confronted with controversial (to say the least) images, please make sure your 'safe search' is ON when you start Googling images for certain keywords or phrases.
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