01 September 2012

MovieQuiz 2500-A (closed)

Anyone can join!

To celebrate today's milestone of 2500 published episodes of MovieQuiz, here's a special treat to all of you.
In fact there's two treats: a screenshot based quiz (2500-A) and a logo puzzle (2500-B).
They're equally valued: to collect 250 points for the Hall of Fame please try to solve just one of them.
Die-hards who will solve both parts will receive a 50 points bonus (300 points total).

Here's MovieQuiz 2500-A
Can you tell from which 10 movies these screenshots were taken?

movie A:

movie B: 

movie C: 

movie D: 

movie E:  

movie F:  

movie G:

movie H:  

movie I:  

movie J:  

This episode of MovieQuiz is created by Vagebond

Submitted guesses:

Correct answer submitted by:
  • Aldan_Blue
  • Czesio ♥
  • birdy ♥
  • kirgali
  • lara croft 
  • rosabella 
  • Enderis 
  • Catwoman 
  • John McClaine 
  • HerrieM 
  • urbanior 
  • jelly@felly 
  • Lutek63 

  • A Preacher's Wife (1996)
  • B Life of Brian (1979)
  • C All the Kings Men (2006)
  • D Twisted (2004)
  • E On Golden Pond (1981)
  • F Civil Action (1998)
  • G Autumn in New York (2000)
  • H New Daughter (2009
  • I Let Me In (2010
  • J Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

Final solution:
the GPS coordinate pointed out to Loch Ness, therefore the final solution is:
This episode of MovieQuiz is now closed.
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