03 April 2013

MovieQuiz 2963 (closed)

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Can you tell which actor/actress is connecting these three movies? The visible keywords have been cut out from the posters or dvd covers of the three movies.

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  • Aldan_Blue
  • kirgali 
  • birdy 
  • urbanior 
  • arroas 
  • lara croft 
  • Jack da Bomb 
  • HerrieM 
  • Czesio 
  • John McClaine
  • rosabella
  • jelly@felly
  • Catwoman
  • Czesio 
  • Suakki 
  • MrsAngel

  • Undercover Angel (1999)
  • A Family Thing (1996)
  • Good Luck (1996)
  • actor: James Earl Jones (1931)

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