23 October 2016

MovieQuiz 4612 (closed)

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Czesio's MovieQuiz #1000

A milestone for Czesio: today MQHQ is proud to publish his 1000th MovieQuiz.
He got 'carte blanche' for this special episode and here's what he came up with.
Thanks a lot for all your great quizzes, Czesio!

127 Shades of Czesio

Can you tell from which TV Series these screenshots were taken ?
The 127 screenshots below represent the 127 episodes of that tv series.
Please send in your answer by using the form below and maybe you will make it into our Halls of Fame !

This XL episode of MovieQuiz is created by Czesio

Correct answer submitted by:
  • Jansky ★ Thanks Czesio. Way to go!
  • Aldan_Blue ★ Congrats, Czesio! For the next thousand quizzes! 
  • lpc 
  • Rosabella ★1000 thanks Czesio!
  • Ping ★ Thank you Czesio. Keep 'm coming!
  • Dragondave
  • Hibernia ★ Congratulations & thanks, Czesio! Keep up the good work! 
  • Lara Croft ★ Good job Czesio, thanks!
  • Tugudu
  • Birdy ★ Congratulations Czesio. I have enjoyed solving your quizzes! Kudos and best wishes for the next 1000+ quizzes!
  • Jack da Bomb 
  • Catwoman ★  That is quite an accomplishment Czesio! Thanks & congratulations! 
  • Aidajesus ★ Congrats, Big Master! You'll never walk alone. 
  • Urban Grrl ★ Congrats Czesio! Well done! 
  • nixona
  • Vido ★ Gratulacje! 
  • MrsAngel


Thank you, Czesio !!!

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