08 October 2007

MovieQuiz FAQ

MovieQuiz Facts & Rules

* unless clearly stated otherwise, any MovieQuiz contains several actual screenshots from a single movie.

* occassionally a tv-movie, short movie or documentary may be used for a quiz; in that case it will be clearly specified as such at the quizpage.

* your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to determine from which movie the screenshots were taken.

* with sending in the correct answer you will earn points which will be added to your score in the Hall of Fame. Also your name will be added to the quiz page, more or less in your 'order of appearance' but such may vary if I have to process multiple submitted answers simultaneously. Please remember: because we all live in different time zones MovieQuiz is not a race, just a puzzle and the order of your names is of no significance.

*please always check a quiz page for your name (or guess) to appear within 24 hours; in case your name (or guess) did not appear please re-submit your answer after 24 hours.

* some, but by no means all, MovieQuiz screenshots have been published earlier at our weblog www.moviescreenshots.blogspot.com

* please always include a link to the particular moviepage at imdb.com together with your answer. Please always submit the original movie title as imdb provides somewhere at the top of the movie page.


in case you want to submit the movie title The Sound of Music,
the 4th line of the form should be The Sound of Music (1965)
the 5th (bottom) line should be: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059742/
You can copy & paste it from the correct page at IMDb.com
Please do add the year of release together with the title:
not Se7en but Se7en (1995)

* we may be using the same movie for creating multiple, different MovieQuiz episodes

* the correct answer to a MovieQuiz will be published after that episode has been closed

* in general a quiz will be closed a couple of weeks after its first publishing

* a quiz is considered closed if labeled as such at the INDEX PAGE (updating the actual quiz pages may take a little while longer); answers submitted afterwards won't be processed.

* 100 points can be earned for being the only contestant solving a regular episode of moviequiz correctly; if two, three or four correct answers have been submitted the bonus points will be split between them into 50, 35 or 25 bonus points.

* contestants are allowed to submit up to a maximum of 25 different answers per day but are allowed to submit only one answer (or guess) per quiz number per day (24 hours); ignoring this rule will be considered as misbehaving. First and second time offenders wil be permanently excluded from that episode, third timers will be banned from this weblog.
: you're allowed to submit a new guess immediately after a new clue (or set of clues) has been published.

* in case of the quiz master's absence (f.i. holidays): you have to wait for your answer to be processed and for the quiz page to be updated before being allowed to submit a new guess. Any violation will disqualify you from that episode.

* cheating, flaming or misbehaving otherwise will result in both a permanent ban and removal from the Hall of Fame.

*publishing or asking for answers regarding open quizzes at weblogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Hyves or any other social media or public websites will result in a permanent ban and removal from the Hall of Fame.

*using a fake e-mail address is being considered as misbehaving and may result in a permanent ban.

* in case of a temporary ban to a certain date the quizzer is no longer allowed to submit answers to quizzes published prior to that date.

* we reserve the right to refuse or change an offensive or annoying username/alias.

* asking, begging, threatening or seducing us for the correct answers won't work.

* not longer partaking in solving quizzes does not automatically include (the right to) removal of your name/alias from the various Halls of Fame. Only in very special occasions we might consider your motivated request (a strong appeal) regarding the removal of your name/alias from the HoF. Removal from all other blog pages (quiz pages in particular) never is an option.

* as from 1 Feb 2013 the ColumboQuizzes will be presented as stand alone quizzes; collected points will exclusively be added to the Columbo Hall of Fame.

* regarding the Monthly Hall of Fame: in general it will be compiled & published a few days after the month has passed; thus allowing you a few extra days to solve quizzes that have been published during that month.

AN EXTRA CHALLENGE: create your own MovieQuiz!
I challenge you to create your own MovieQuiz episodes on this weblog.
Please see this page for details.

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