01 February 2010

Create a MovieQuiz

AN EXTRA CHALLENGE: create your own MovieQuiz!

I challenge you to create your own MovieQuiz episodes on this weblog. Here's how it works:
  • make a couple of significant screenshots from a movie
  • the minimum amount of stills is 5, the maximum is 25 (exceptions are possible if discussed beforehand with quizmaster)
  • the movie has to exist in the IMDb database
  • an occasional TV-movie, video or a documentary is acceptable for a quiz but will be identified as such at the top of the quizpage so quizzers know what to search for
  • some mild nudity is okay; too explicit pornography is not
  • send me an e-mail containing:
  1. your alias on this weblog
  2. a valid e-mail address you can be contacted at
  3. the title AND year of release of the movie (please add link to IMDb)
  4. your zipped screenshots OR a download link where I can download your zipped stills
Mirrored images and/or edited images are not allowed: only original screenshots you made yourself can be used in your quiz.

In general please make sure your quiz will fit into the 25-points category, meaning your quiz wil be published as a whole (as opposed to multi-stage quizzes). You're allowed to create an occasional multi-stage quiz of course, but in general the maximum you can earn for your work is limited to 25 points. Creating special quizzes only can be permitted after discussing your plans and reward with me beforehand. In case you're using music and/or video: you have to host (find a place at the web) your own audio- and videofiles since I will not host them.

Since of course you can't participate in a MovieQuiz episode created by yourself, for your effort you will receive 25 points for the Hall of Fame if the quiz is correctly solved by at least four already existing, regular MovieQuiz participants. This rule is to prevent you to make the quiz too hard or even impossible to solve. That's my prerogative. :)

It may be wise to keep an eye on your own published quiz(zes); in case a quiz turns out to be too difficult you can always add an extra screenshot or other clue later to generate at least five correct answers. In such a case the quizzers who had already solved your quiz will be rewarded with 25 bonus points.

In case your quiz at closing was not solved by at least 4 quizzers, you will lose your 25 points for creating that quiz. As stated at the page with rules: on top of that the quizzers who have actually solved it will be rewarded for solving that -obviously very hard- quiz: 100 bonus points will be equally split between them.

Please only use captures you made yourself and do not use existing (or promotional) material. Uploading screenshots automatically include your permanent permission to use them in a quiz on this moviequiz weblog (MQ) or on its moviescreenshots affiliate (MSS).

About mature content:
In general some mild nudity is okay; explicit stuff is not.

And PLEASE do remove the black bars above & underneath (and sometimes at the sides) before uploading your stills; free software like JPEGCrops can do that in a batch for you.

In general the captures from your quiz will be published sorted by filename (low->high). In case you like the captures in the quiz to have a special/significant order, please just name your captures 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and so forth.

About the difficulty level of uploaded quizzes: please don't make 'm too difficult. We all like an occasional challenge but let's not scare (new) quizzers away by publishing too many quizzes that can only be solved by the happy few who actually have watched that particular movie. In case your quiz isn't solved by more than 5 or 6 quizzers you know it was a toughie. Please - in general - make sure your quizzes contain enough clues which, for instance, can be retrieved searching IMDb and/or are visible in the trailers of that movie. I'm more than happy to make an occasional exception (please contact me beforehand), but the general the goal should be: make 'm solvable, not just recognizable by just a few movie buffs. Since an occasional 'easy' quiz is highly welcomed too it would be nice if the difficulty levels of your quizzes would be for 15% easy, for 70% moderate and for 15% hard. But of course I realize (and experience so daily) that establishing a difficulty level is quite a challenge in itself...

Looking for free software to create high quality screenshots?
Then maybe you'd like to try VLC; it can be found on CNET, Tucows and such.
I'm often using VLC myself, but also Cyberlink PowerDVD16; the full paid version which has excellent capturing features.

Finally: nice sets of screenshots will be published later (after closing the quiz) at my moviescreenshots weblog. In case you've made more screenshots apart from the one's you've selected for your quiz you're more than welcome to upload those captures as well so they can be published there, together with your quiz captures. Please clearly specify in your upload or e-mail which captures are part of your quiz and which are 'the extra' screenshots.

That's all. I'm looking forward to your creative contributions!

Your quizmaster,
This information is updated at 27 April 2021