28 January 2012

MovieQuiz 1915 (closed)

Czesio's Heavy Music Video Special

Anyone can join!

Can you tell which 7 movies are connected to the screenshots of these 7 music videos and discover the title of an 8th movie ? Please send in that final answer by using the form below and maybe you will make it into our Hall of Fame!

music video #1

music video #2

music video #3

music video #4

music video #5

music video #6

music video #7

This special episode of MovieQuiz is created by Czesio

Correct answer submitted by:
  • Aldan_Blue
  • Enderis
  • HerrieM
  • Pjsps8
  • John McClaine
  • rosabella
  • Dragondave
  • guinness
  • arroas
  • Jack da Bomb
  • tylerandjack
  • Vido
  • lara croft
  • Lutek63
  • Urbanior
  • zapotka
  • Raya
  • Aidajesus
  • Hurdy Gurdy Man

How to solve:

step 1: find the titles of the 7 movies and note their IMDb ID's (URL's)
step 2: put the movies in chronological order (oldest movie on top; in case of the same release year use alphabetical order)
step 3: letter them A-G
step 4:
  • movie A: use the first digit of its IMDb URL
  • movie B: use the second digit of its IMDb URL
  • movie C: use the third digit of its IMDb URL
  • movie D: use the fourth digit of its IMDb URL
  • movie E: use the fifth digit of its IMDb URL
  • movie F: use the sixth digit of its IMDb URL
  • movie G: use the seventh digit of its IMDb URL
step 5: substitute these values into http://www.imdb.com/title/ttABCDEFG/ to discover the final solution to this quiz: the title of a movie

check: the IMDb page of the movie contains exactly 5 cast members

A - Last Action Hero (1993) Megadeth - Angry Again
B - Mission: Impossible II (2000) Metallica - I Disappear
C - Resident Evil (2002) Slipknot - My Plague
D - The Scorpion King (2002) Godsmack - I Stand Alone
E - xXx (2002) Rammstein - Feuer frei!
F - Saw II (2005) Mudvayne - Forget to Remember
G - Iron Man 2 (2010) AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill

This episode of MovieQuiz is now closed;
the final answer is available here.

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