31 March 2013

Ordering MovieScreenShots

How to order MovieScreenShots

My blogs are about showing screenshots, not about selling them. However, in case you only need a few of my screenshots, as a service most of my Movie ScreenShots, as shown at the MovieQuiz and MovieScreenShots blogs, are available for purchase.

Please note that screenshots from animated movies can not be ordered.

Any single screenshot, without the annoying watermarks, can be obtained for a handling fee of only one US Dollar (US$1) or one Euro (€1) each.

Please use the Donate button, available in the left side column of every blog page, to transfer your money. Together with that money transfer form (or in a seperate e-mail) please specify both the title of the movie and the exact filename(s) you wish to purchase.

In general the requested Movie ScreenShots will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.
In case your ordered image is no longer available your money will be returned to you asap.

Please note that the quality and size of the purchased Movie ScreenShots are "as is", meaning equal to the captures as shown at this blog.

This special service does not mean to interfere with legal issues regarding copyrights: the full rights to all movies and all its full contents belong to the producers of the movies, dvd's or brd's.

Shown posters and/or covers can not be ordered; for high quality posters please visit our friends at impawards.com

I never download movies nor do I rip my dvd's/bluray's so please don't ask me to make a movie available to you.

My blogs provide an educational service for your pleasure: an opportunity to study movie scenes.

You can contact me by using a form at moviequiz.blogspot.com

Thank you for visiting my blogs!